Cabbage Patch Dolls and Accessories

sm Cabbage Doll Lg 7

As I go through the many dolls and accessories, many memories flicker through my mind of when the girls were young, and the many gifts of dolls that were shared and given to not only my daughters, but also to my mother’n law along with the ones I received.

One of my mother’n laws favorite dolls, which goes back to the 70’s was the cabbage patch dolls. I can’t say that I was personally drawn to them, but my daughters enjoyed playing with them when they visited their grandmother.

These dolls are not breakable, and can sometimes be seen as well loved as the historical Raggedy Ann dolls that children used to drag along by the arm. Dolls were designed to be played with by the young girls. And, the Cabbage Patch doll was designed for this purpose.

Today I listed some cabbage patch dolls, as a lot set, with extra clothing/dresses that I made specifically for them.  Be sure to check the page, as it shows great photos of the dolls (3 total) along with the doll clothing.

sm Cabbage Doll Lg 2

In addition, I have added a LOT of various shoes that are vintage from Cabbage Patch dolls, along with some new ones. These can certainly be used with those who make cloth dolls and teddy bears

sm Cabbage Teddy Shoes 1

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