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Have you heard of Harumika? Fashion Your Imagination

I have these Harumika, Fashion Your Imagination Kits on hand, thinking I would have used the mannequins for fashion doll clothing, yet I never did. I have four different kits that come with their own mannequin, stylus, fabric and notions. After researching these, it looks like they have become quite popular. A great project for those interested in fashion, to enjoy for creativity during the summer or other times when one is at home (rainy afternoon, winter blizzard). No need for electricity, just your imagination.…

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The Start of Uploading Dolls for Sale

I’ve been busy taking pictures and researching my dolls, their value, their history, etc.  So far, I have 19 dolls uploaded and listed for sale, and at least that many (if not more) ready for upload. It is a long process, but one day at a time, the dolls will be listed. Tomorrow, I hope to upload some Fashion dolls, such as from Tonner and Franklin Mint after some early morning/early afternoon appointments and errands. I have more porcelain collectibles as well, and other dolls.…

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Welcome to Davina Dawn’s Sales Page

Welcome to Davina Dawn’s Sales page. My name is Laura, and I live in NH with my husband David. Our girls are grown, and with our last one departing to her first apartment  in ME, in preparation for her senior year at college, I decided to reduce what I did not need for future sewing, or desire to hang onto, as some items are simply things the girls would not want passed down to them if God decided it was my time. In my attempt to…

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