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Laura D. Field of Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties
Laura D. Field of Davina Dawn Sewing Specialties

Hi, my name is Laura and a longtime seamstress of over 40 years, where I began this artform in my early teens, creating dresses to wear to school. My Granny, from Clinton, MO. was my inspiration in this artform, along with many other home skills that I continue to enjoy today. Her gift to sew, knit and crochet were amazing to me, creating the tiniest outfits for my Barbies and other small dolls, then later the crochet blankets she made my daughters. My mother also took to the sewing machine, more out of necessity, than of passion, but she did have the skill to perfect the dresses she made for herself.

My passion to sew continues today, and due to personal reasons, I have slowed my alterations for others down quite a bit. Through this transition, I am focusing on my personal needs and the needs of my family, while also seeking outside employment. I will still make things to sell, provide alterations from time to time (although not to the extent I once did), and work on the quilts I want to make each of my daughters, as well as one for David and I.

During some recent health challenges, I learned to crochet, which has become a great source of therapy when I need to sit and relax. I had such a hard time doing what I considered “nothing”, as I am one that is always up at the crack of dawn with the birds, to bed after the tree frogs have silenced, with something always keeping me busy. To sit stagnate with the television on, is not what I call living.

In my younger years, before David and I had children, we spent six years, hiking, camping, biking through the mountains (boy do I miss our motorcycle), running, among the many activities I enjoyed at home.

As we began to bring children into our lives, the sewing increased, while tending to the needs of our little girls. From reading, to teaching (I homeschooled them for 10 years), and helping them discover what it was they were passionate about in life, to seeing them reach beyond where their hearts were leading them. And yes, they all know how to sew, which was a must, as I felt it was a skill that they would always appreciate knowing (and they do). They do not have the same passion as I do, but they each learned the skill to sew, and to sew well.

David and I recently celebrated 35 years of marriage, to which we still enjoy the moments we share together. Now that the girls have moved on, we are enjoying the empty-nest time in our lives. It is as if we have re-entered the honeymoon stage and enjoying it immensely.

Our daughters have each made us proud, as they each maintain their moral and ethical values. They have each found their passion in life, which allows them to become better adults of workers within our culture.

Heather, our oldest, is married to Neil who is an Design Engineer, while Heather enjoys being a Special needs teacher. She loves every child she has the opportunity to be with. She started out as a music major, and as she was about to go on to her masters, she changed gears in order to follow her passion for handicap children, and in seeing them become confident, successful adults.

Holly, our middle daughter is a photography major with her Bachelors degree, who is getting her photography and card making business off the ground, as she works as a customer service representative for our local newspaper. Her focus in photography is that of getting “real life” photo’s of children as well as family photo’s. She is currently engaged with an anticipated wedding for next spring, 2016.

Jennifer (a.k.a. Jenni) is our youngest and finishing her senior year as a psychology major, with a focus on children. She is also looking at possibly working with adults who suffered childhood trauma, with a goal of helping them heal in order to become parents who do not repeat the lessons taught while they were growing up.

Can you tell I adore my daughters? Although David and I enjoy our time alone, we rejoice every time we get to spend with our daughters. They are amazing young women and we are honored that we had the privilege of raising them!

Hobbies/Interests: hiking, kayaking, camping, walking, photography, gardening, preserving, cooking, baking, healthy living, reading, writing, music (various genre’s although Country, Oldies and Christian worship tend to be my favorites), flute playing, singing, sewing, quilting, cross-stitch, crochet, and hoping to pick up the knitting needles this fall, antique shopping (almost like going through a museum in time).

My passion in life is to be the Christian that God desires me to be. Not be conformed to the “world’s view”, but rather that of which Jesus taught.

Thank you for visiting my sales site. My goal is to down-size. Please be sure to visit my welcome page to read an overview of my goal.

May your days be filled to capacity with love, joy and a creative spirit.


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