2000 - 16" Knickerbocker Terri Lee - Holiday

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Jointed hard plastic Terri Lee – Holiday 2000 – by Knickerbocker – 16″ tall, jointed at shoulders and…

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Jointed hard plastic Terri Lee – Holiday 2000 – by Knickerbocker – 16″ tall, jointed at shoulders and hips.

She comes with all her original clothing: pantyhose, silk panties with red ribbon bow, lace slip with red ribbon boy, ice skates, mittens, short sleeve t-shirt that snap closes in the back, holiday skirt that hook’s and snaps in the back, jacket (no closure), Christmas hat.

In addition, I am including a pair of black patent leather shoes (easier for her to stand) as well as a Terri Lee style dress that I made for her upon her arrival, so that she did not have to dress for winter all year.

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See below for many other close-up pictures

Terri Lee has been displayed in an enclosed curio cabinet, within a non-smoking and animal dander free home. She was used as a doll model, as I had two customers who were requesting multiple items for this doll.

The price is inclusive of the original doll and outfits, as well as the added shoes and dress, as mentioned above. She will be shipped in her original Terri Lee box (which will be used as her shipper).

It is time for Terri Lee to be re-homed in a caring environment.

NOTE: As I was packing Terri Lee back into her box, I discovered that there was some splitting on the sides of her head, which has caused me to greatly reduce her price. Fortunately her hair hides it when she is displayed, but I simply could not let her go without mentioning this. She is still a beautiful doll, and a doll hospital would be able to repair this for you. I reduced the pricing for the value of her outfit, added shoes and custom dress.  Once I noticed this, I was saddened, as this doll was never played with and only displayed and used a few times as a model. Maybe it was always there, who knows, but I do check every part of the dolls and other items I sell, to make sure there are no flaws upon departure.

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See below for more close-up pictures

S&H will be confirmed once you place your order. Local customer, who is within the Concord NH area, can pick up in person (cash only). Otherwise, payment of USPS money order is requested. Sorry No Paypal.

Please ask questions prior to purchase.

Sold As IS, as described, with no returns, as I am in the process of permanently reducing inventory of dolls, doll accessories, sewing items and more.

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