21-22" Fashion Doll Shoes 18 pair LOT

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Since I do not work with 21-22″ Fashion dolls, I am selling these shoes as a “lot” set….

sm 22 in Kingstate Shoes 2

Since I do not work with 21-22″ Fashion dolls, I am selling these shoes as a “lot” set. They are approximately 2 1/2″ – 2 3/4″ in length and 7/8″ at its widest part.

4 pair Black Pumps, 4 pair Red Pumps, 4 pair White Pumps and 6 pair Navy Pumps.

They retail for $12 a pair.= $216, I’ve seen some sell these for $13 a pair.

I am asking $160 for the lot (saving you $56) and if you purchase with the wounded 22″ Porcelain Doll w/dress ($65), I will offer FREE shipping if sold and paid for by August 22, 2015!! Cannot be combined with other items from the website. This means, if you order today (shoes, porcelain doll & dress), I  will need to have payment in hand within 7 days, otherwise it goes to the next interested buyer. This combined offer is listed as the sale price and will be removed on August 22.

NOTE: The wounded doll was used as a model, when making specialty dresses for a client. Unfortunately her head needs to be replaced, although a beautiful face. She is cracked in 3 places (that I can see), glued in some, but the head is not glued back on the form. This is a perfect option for someone who enjoys making their own 22″ fashion doll clothing, or is making them for others.

Order must be paid for via USPS money order or local pick-up in cash. There is no adjustment for local pick-up (although you will receive your product quicker)

Sorry, I do not accept paypal.

sm 22 in Kingstate Shoes 2

sm 22 in Tonner Porcelain 7

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