Vintage 1980's Chatty Patty - 16" still talks

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I picked up this little gal at an antique shop over 15 years ago, and although i am…


sm Chatty Patty 5

I picked up this little gal at an antique shop over 15 years ago, and although i am including the dress that she was wearing, I am not confident that it is an actual Chatty Patty dress. Yet, I plan on providing Chatty Patty her traveling purple paisley dress with new shoes and socks, which is seen in the pictures. I made this dress and panties set specifically for Patty.

Chatty was manufactured by Mattel in the early 1980’3. She still talks, yet maybe not as clearly as she once did. But, I have to be honest, even when I was a little girl, I always felt their voices were a little muffled. Meaning, I can understand what she is saying, just not in the clarity as I get from a person. Maybe I expect too much from speaking dolls?   LOL…maybe

Anyway, she is a great model for creating clothes for and would be a great addition for those looking to collect the Chatty dolls. Please be sure to check out my Chatty Cathy, although she is now mute. I’m wondering if Patty had anything to do with that. 😉

Since her arrival, she has stayed withing a smoke-free and animal dander free home, and participated in modeling with the custom doll clothing that I made. It is possible that I will make more, but for now, I need to downsize and reduce the inventory of dolls.

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