Sigh…we no longer can accept personal checks

This comes as sad news, as I have found that buyers are purchasing without having the funds to cover their purchase. I have never had a problem with personal checks, but as of late, it has become a problem, resulting in my not being able to continue take personal checks. The cost for bounced checks results in a $25 fee which is passed on to the customer, which they do not want to pay. Understandable, yet it isĀ impossible for me to cover these fees.

I also had to stop taking Paypal, although known for its safety, there are situations where the seller loses not only the resources but also the product, which I have experienced.

It is with deep sadness thatĀ I can now only accept USPS money orders or cash (local buyers). I do not promote sending cash through the mail, yet some have opted in this being a choice they choose to take a chance on. I do not promote it. But local buyers, it makes perfect sense.

On the good side, Money Orders from the USPS generally processed within a few working days.

I always describe my products clearly, provide quality pictures for clarity, and package your items with TLC. Once your payment is processed, you will receive confirmation of its receipt along with shipment information through the USPS as well as an email from me.

Please be kind and not process an order if you have no intention of sending payment.

I appreciate your kindness and understanding of why I must make this decision. I have integrity and I would expect those who are purchasing from me to have the same. Unfortunately, it only takes a few to change things for others.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you for understanding.



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