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Holidays tend to quickly embark upon our fall shopping, reminding us of the upcoming holiday season. Do you have loved ones that are passionate about dolls and tea parties, from vintage to modern? Consider what it is that might be of interest and take a moment to shop from our products page to see if what they might enjoy is available  to fulfill and item on their wish list.

Now is a great time to “shop” because many are waiting until the last moment before placing their orders, “hoping” beyond hope that their order arrives in time for gift giving. By purchasing now, getting ahead of the last minute shoppers, you put yourself in the position to obtain your items without the encounter of “no longer in stock” status.

From our products you will find vintage and modern dolls, play dolls and fashion dolls, tea sets and accessories. Eventually I will be adding more, including that of doll clothing and patterns, yet my schedule is tight at the moment, so those items are on hold from being added. But, there are MANY (over 100) items to choose from.

As you shop, place your items in the shopping cart, and if you have ANY questions, please be sure to email me at to see how I might be able to help you process your order or help you with your decision in ordering. All sales are FINAL with No Returns. I have done my best to provide thorough information on each item as well as research a fair selling price, yet if there is a question, please do not hesitate to ask. All I ask is that you are polite with your inquiry.

I continue to work towards reducing inventory of doll models, accessories, and more (and eventually, when time allows, I will be adding doll clothing, patterns, doll & sewing books, fabric, etc.). This is the reason that items are sold “as is” and “Final”. Some items are models, extra’s or items I will no longer use in my sewing services.

NOTE: Since my schedule is busy, I do not sit at my computer 24/7 waiting for an email, so I kindly request that you allow 24-48 hours for a response, with my goal to answer within 12 hours.

Although I realize that many prefer the ease, speed and comfort of Paypal, I stopped accepting Paypal many years ago due to how easy it was for dishonest people to access my account and empty it without ever having placed an order with them. It was a time consuming process to remedy, and resulted in my decision to close my account and no longer accept this form of payment.

I currently accept cash (only payment for local clients), personal checks (hold for the 2 week bank processing) as well as USPS money orders (shipped within 2 business days of receipt).

I recently was told about possibly accepting Western Union as a payment option. If this is your preferred method of guaranteed payment and receipt, please email your inquiry with this option and I will be happy to work with you on this. Unfortunately, since I would have to drive into town to pick payment up, their will be an added processing fee of $6.00 to cover this expense. Shipment from this option will be within 2 business days of pick-up of payment.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my inventory reduction sales page. Please be sure to visit often, and if you see something of interest, consider not waiting to purchase, as there will be no “new inventory” of that item to be added.

Go to the Shopping/Products Page you can browse by category, product key word, or use the search box. When you are done shopping, return to the Shopping Page where you can select “shopping cart” or go directly to your shopping cart.

Welcome to the fall season. May you enjoy the changing season with blessings of beauty.


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Share and ask questions. All sales will help not only reduce inventory of items on hand, but also cover some medical costs that are not covered through insurance.
Thank you for your support.


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